Fractional CO2 Laser

FIRE-XEL, fractional CO2 laser, equips a self skin analyzing A.I. system at first in the world. Users are able to measure and analyze patient’s skin condition and lead the best effects of skin rejuvenation for your patients with this advanced 3rd generation laser device.

A.I. Skin Analyzing System

A.I. skin analyzing system of BISON MEDICAL is a self setting system to select the most effective and safe mode for a patient with its self-analyzing data based on measuring results of the patient’s skin and self-stored various basic clinical data. So this system gives a convenience to the practitioners and a satisfactory result to your patients.

3-Way Mode

FIRE-XEL combines 3 major functions, surgical CO2 laser and skin analysis as well as fractional CO2 laser, for the most precise treatment. There was no such a multi functional laser device before FIRE-XEL in the world.

Premium Quality

Unlikely existing other devices, FIRE-XEL mounts a globally recognized high quality Galvano motor for the fast, precise and safe treatment. With this motor, FIRE-XEL solves the frequent motor trouble that is the most troublesome problem of other scanner devices.

Various Selectivity-Over 3,000 Scanning Modes

Practitioners are able to select the most proper shape, size, and density of laser among more than 3,000 modes according to your patient’s symptoms and region. And it’s very easy to find a proper scanning mode with its simple and convenient touch-screen.

Human-Friendly Design

Unlike other devices, with using an Air jet, FIRE-XEL eliminates smoke and provides cooling effect at the process of treatment to minimize the risk of PIH. Practitioners can carry out various operations with its 7-joint Arm. And also a stylish design of BISON MEDICAL is well suited for every space and it will make your hospital more trustworthy.

Multi Mode Fractional CO2 Laser

FIRE-XEL‘s core function is an activation of collagen synthesis. Acne scars and wrinkles can be treated by this function as well as skin tightening and vitality. With only an advanced laser device like FIRE-XEL, most of skin problems such as pigmentation, wrinkles, whitening and tightening can be solved in a short period.

Normally patients undergo 1 to 3 treatments at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks and every treatment is finished within 15 minutes.


Fractional LaserCO2 Laser
Improves skin tone, glow and textureFreckle
Reduces fine lines and wrinklesDark spots
Softens deeper frown linesLentigo
Tightens loose eyelid skinSun damaged skin
Tightens skin around the neck and jowlsMole / Wart
Tightens large poresCondylomas
Reduces stretch marks 
Erase scars,  especially acne scars 
Skin resurfacing 




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