1064nm / 532 nm Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser Device

LUCID Q-PTP utilizes two wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm and delivers laser power in a very short period of time as 2 pulses. In order to reduce side effects of high energy, it adopts Q-PTP mode which divides the high energy into two pulses with very short duration. LUCID Q-PTP effectively reduces pigmented lesions on dermis and epidermis and also minimizes the risk of side effects such as hypopigmentation, pigmentation and recurrence of Melasma, comparing to previous laser toning procedures.

Quasi-Long mode

Quasi-Long Pulse (pulse width 300us @1064nm) is a combination of toning and lifting which enables pigmented cells to absorb the laser selectively. It stimulates collagen by the destruction of pigmented cells, and it is useful to general skin for regenerating after peeling, improving loose skin, and minimizing large pores.

Q-PTP mode

Q-PTP mode 1064nm Laser


For user convenience, the system recognizes Hand piece among three different types, one zoom Hand piece and two optional fractional Hand pieces, and its spot size automatically.
Two different types of hand piece tips are also provided for more comfortable operation.

Auto-Calibration System

Cost-effective and reliable treatment can be done in spite of long hours of use since its auto-calibration system provides consistent and stable energy output.

Stable power supply system

You can use it stably without change of energy even at longtime treatment since stable large output of power is used.

Auto Calibration

High pulse frequency

With fast irradiation speed upto 25Hz, it minimizes skin exposure to the laser for less damage of normal tissues with shortened time of treatment.

Top-Hat mode

Top-Hat mode is an unique high-technology which makes the laser not only irradiates energy equally but also reduces side effects such as PIH.

Unique jog & Shuttle controller

Easy and fast system control is available with the adoption of unique jog & shuttle controller design.

Top-Hat Mode

Mass storage space

Fast and accurate treatments tailored for each patient are applicable by saving the diverse lesions of patients at total 800 secured slots with 50 storage slots respectively for each of 15 built-in lesions and 1 user custom slot.

Advanced arm

Arm adjustment by user’s characteristic is available due to the use of robust high-class components, and it is more shock-resistant than existing products with advanced design.


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