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Help to Improve Skin Rejuvenation    

Non-Ablation Solution

A specialized board wavelength light through Clearlight cut-off filters is pulsed onto the skin and can treat multiple indications including vascular lesions or pigmented lesions. Also, the concentrated photo-energy of  Clearlight effect to improve natural collagen, elastin production and overall skin rejuvenation.

Clear light 1_m

Clearlight provides 5 cut-off filters, each filter penetrate characteristic photo-energy into the tissue and treat the problem lesions without blood and normal tissue damage. The injured tissues is disappeared through metabolic processes.


Acne / Pigment Lesion / Vascular Lesion / Melasma Lesion / Hair Removal


A chiller-tip contact cooling system strongly performs to protect epidermal layer and the automatic temperature control circuitry in the system keeps the appropriate cooling temperature during the treatment.

Single, Double, Triple & Toning Pulse

Clearlight’s pulse technology will help to enhance the treatment outcome, reduce pain degree by                       specialized pulse duration in ms increments.

ClearLight Toning Pulse

The toning pulse is designed for effective skin toning treatment, can reduce side effects as PIH.


Large Spot Size

15mm x 40mm Wide Spot Size

Save Treatment Time


 Less Down Time

This IPL treatment is safe, involve minimal discomfort and require very little the appropriate cooling temperature during the treatment


Light Source Intense Pulse Light (Xenon Lamp)
Sopt Size 15mm x 40mm(6.0㎠)
Wavelength 430 ~ 1200 nm
Energy Density(Fluence) Max. 40 J/cm2
Repetition Rate Up to 1 Hz
Pulse Duration 3~35 ms
Delay Time 1~50 ms
Cooling Contact Cooling System
Panel 8 inch Digital Touch LCD
Dimensions(WxDxH mm) 310 x 590 x 1,220mm
Weigth 55kg (121 lbs)

Reference: Eunsung, the manufacturer








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